One Man, One God : The Peace Ministry of Fr Alec Reid

One Man, One God : The Peace Ministry of Fr Alec Reid

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This first book on Fr Alec Reid explores his extraordinary ministry and commitment to bringing peace not only to Belfast but to the whole country.

It gives unique access to what motivated Fr Alec, what inspired him, what kept him going during years of disappointment, frustration and seeming failure. Through this book the reader will understand Fr Alec the man, the Christian, the priest.

Author: Fr Martin McKeever C.Ss.R

Produced by Redemptorist Communications

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  1. Freda Noonan-Taylor

    Given this wonderfu book from a dear friend.
    Written is a very informative way and with personal understand of Fr. Alec and the support from his fellow brethern. So much information and account of Fr Alec’s eye for detail and sence of fairness for everyone. Amazing man. Fr. Martin has helped locate each phase of Fr.Alec’s efforts to foster communication and understanding, working towards peace and ending the loss of lives, for everyone. With the re-locating of time, people involved, and places prior to each document helps to understand the detail involved. This book gives clear insight into the depth of understanding Fr. Alec had in what it would take just to get oppositional parties ‘to just agree to talk’ and then maintain communication for the betterment of all. touching read

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