St. Columban

St. Columban




St. Columban, Missionary Extraordinaire


John J. Ó Riordáin, CSSR

Loss of Memory can affect nations as well as individuals.  Through the publication of his attractive booklets Fr John J. Ó Ríordáin, CSsR nourishes the ‘nation’s memory’, his latest contribution being St Columban, missionary extraordinaire ­Ireland’s greatest missionary.  Columban made such an impact on Continental Europe in the 6th century that he is still remembered there with admiration and wonder.  He died at Bobbio near Milan in 615 AD, and next year, his 1400th anniversary, is being celebrated widely on the Continent.  We are invited to celebrate at home too; not only for personal reasons but also for the sake of national health!  Ó Ríordáin’s booklet is well within people’s reading range; and at €3 it is probably within their financial range as well.