Reality Magazine Summer Edition 2020.

Reality Magazine Summer Edition 2020.




This month’s cover on the Eucharist deserves to be studied closely. Reflect on it and you might see some of our experiences of the past few months without Mass, as well as the universal sharing to which we are invited at every Mass and indeed in every moment of our Christian life. The meaning of Eucharistic sharing is taken up in our leading article, ‘A Loaf of Bread, the Link between Life and Liturgy.’ This is the first of a short series by Professor Tom O’Loughlin. Tom is a native of Dublin, and taught in several Dublin schools of theology, especially the Milltown Institute. He is currently professor of theology in the University of Nottingham. Tom has a lively and attractive writing style and can always be depended on to give you something to think about. Must believers be always absolutely certain about the existence of God, or does the journey of faith lead though darker ways to the very heart of God’s ‘dark mystery’?

Brian Cosgrove, a native of Newry and former professor of English at Maynooth University opens some of these questions for reflection. It is a challenging read, but it might be put into the hands of a young searcher.

Fr John J Ó Riórdàin has explored many pilgrim paths in Europe with us, but these days when foreign travel say be less attractive, he brings us on a tour of the lovely Garnish Island and sketches its history. Maria Hall raises a few stimulating questions about the best approach to singing at the Sunday Eucharist.

We continue the story of the life of the Redemptorist St Clement Hofbauer. His long search for another house for his growing Redemptorist family led him to Switzerland, and to several parts of Germany and Poland. It resulted in his arrest and temporary imprisonment in a Dominican monastery in Cracow (you’ll have to read the full article to find out why!).

Our regular columnists continue to offer their thought-provoking wisdom. Let us wish you happy reading as we leave you with two reflections to mull over. When he was asked if he was afraid of death, Winston Churchill replied: “I am prepared to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter.” The Russian Christian poet, Anna Akhmatova said: “Each of our lives is a Shakespearean drama raised to the thousandth degree.” So whether yours is comedy, farce, tragedy or romance at the moment, enjoy writing another act of your drama this summer!

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