Reality Magazine September 2020

Reality Magazine September 2020




One of the great challenges of our age , how to care for the environment, has come into greater relief as we realise the world-wide devastation of the Corona Virus.  Dr Suzanne Mulligan, who teaches moral theology in Maynooth, gives us a guided reading of Pope Francis’s letter Quaerida Amazona, ‘my beloved Amazon.’ There is no mistaking the depth of the pope’s attachment to this region that unites so many of the nations of South America. Jane Mellett continues the same theme in her detailed review of Fr Dermot Lane’s Theology and Ecology in Dialogue. Thomas O’Loughlin describes what the famous Derrynaflan patten can tell us about how reveals how the Early Irish Church celebrated the Eucharist. Another reviewer, Dr Ken Newell, reviews Tom’s recent book, Eating Together: Becoming One: Taking up Pope Francis’s Call to Theologians, and offers an ecumenical perspective on the church’s sacrament of unity.  It is back to school time, so if you are a teacher facing the unknown in these post-pandemic days, our best wishes are with you. You might find some of the suggestions for prayer and how to create an atmosphere of devotion  in Maria Hall’s article on “Worship in School” helpful. The ecumenical monastery of Taizé is well known as a gathering place for young people. Less well-known is Bose, in the North Italian Alps. It too is an ecumenical community of men and women who support themselves, by the work of their hands and provide an atmosphere of welcome for those who wish to pray and study in a peaceful setting. Our journey with St Clement bring him close to a dark time – the loss of a best friend, the dissolution of the community he has spent many years building.


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