Reality Magazine November 2020

Reality Magazine November 2020




This month we remember an event that happened one hundred years ago. For the younger generation “Bloody Sunday”calls to mind the murder of 26 unarmed people, mostly young men, in Derry on 30 January 1972. The original “Bloody Sunday” however, from which it took its name, was an equally horrendous event that occurred on the Sunday of the All-Ireland Football Final, 21 November 1920. Many of us will be familiar with it from the excellent film, Michael Collins, of 1996. Yet, as John Scally shows in his fascinating article, there is much in that film that is unhistorical and needs to be challenged. His article takes us through some of the tragic events of that day.

The American Election will be on top of us before we realise it! Fr Gerry Moloney has had a consuming interest in American politics since his schooldays. He here unravels some of its mysteries. Despite what most of us think, the president is not actually elected when one candidate achieves the majority of votes cast. There is something that baffles most foreigners called ‘the Electoral College.” Gerry’s insights into its workings might help us resolve some of the puzzles of election night.

Will we ever have communion from the chalice again after the pandemic? Professor Tom O’Loughlin, in his article, “The Cup of Discipleship,” shows why we can never consider sharing the cup, especially for lay people,  to be the ‘optional extra’ it was for centuries. Susan Cusack was born on 1st January 1889 in the parish of Crosserlough in County Cavan. She entered the Little Sisters of the Assumption in France and after taking her vows she was sent to nurse in Argentina. There she helped a young Italian emigrant family look after their new baby, Giorgio. Many years later young Giorgio became a Jesuit, then a priest, a bishop, a cardinal and finally, Pope Francis! He always recognised his family’s debt to the sisters, and they remained steadfast friends. Her story is told here by Matt Moran, who has written a number of studies of Irish missions and missionaries.


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