Reality Magazine March 2019

Reality Magazine March 2019




We usually try to add an Irish flavour to the March issue of Reality. This year, Dr John  J O Riordàin CSSR, parish missioner well-known for his writings on Irish Catholicism, reminds us that we know very little that is historically reliable about the life and mission of Patrick. He introduces us however to some fragments of treasure of folk tradition that makes Patrick a character larger than life. A revival of Patrick’s missionary legacy coincided with the struggle for Irish Independence.  The oldest of Ireland’s 20th century missionary societies, the Society of St Columban, was originally known as the Maynooth Mission to China. Dr Neil Collins, member of the society and  an authority its history, writes on “An Irish Missionary Pioneer in China.” Fr Edward Galvin went to China in 1912 even before the society was established. He became one of its founders along with Fr John Blowick. Eventually ordained a bishop, he ministered there until he was expelled by the Communists. Fr Raphael Gallagher CSsR published one of Ireland’s first works on ministering to gay men and women. His short but practical guide, Understanding the Homosexual , which first appeared in 1985, has been long out of print. A recent revised edition is here reviewed by John Scally. One of the features of the Lenten Liturgy, especially when it is celebrated in tandem with the Christian Initiation of Adults, are the Scrutinies on the middle Sundays of Lent. Sarah Adams explains their significance and how the might be part of the Lenten observance of those who are already baptised.  Is fatherhood endangered by the forces  of our contemporary culture and what role doe the Church have in promoting the values of fatherhood? Fr Shane Sullivan raises some questions and points out that fatherhood is the vocation of every man. There are many more articles, including the regular features.  The monthly reflections are taken from Irish sources both in Gaeilige agus imBearla. To give you one example from a well-known woman: “Cad é an mhaith dom eagla a bheith orm? Ní shaorfadh eagla duine ón mbás, dar ndóigh. [What point is there in being afraid? Fear never saved anyone from death] “ Peig Sayers

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