Reality Jan/Feb 2018

Reality Jan/Feb 2018




The January-February number of Reality, the first of 2018, is now available.

The leading article tells the story of a Belfast Presbyterian minister who was a chaplain to an Orange Lodge, then chaplain to the first Sinn Fein Lord Mayor of Belfast and Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland for a year. Ken needs little introduction to those who are familiar with Clonard Monastery and its work for peace and reconciliation in which he was a partner with the late Frs Gerry Reynolds and Al Reid. Triona Doherty sheds light on the personal story of Ken and his wonderful wife, Val, his partner in all his work.

            We have committed ourselves to having something on the family in each issue this year. This month, in two articles, a wife and a husband tell the moving story of living the last days with their partner and struggling to live without the one who was best friend, spouse and lover. Both these articles may be of help and comfort to people struggling with the darkness and pain of the loss, not just of a spouse, but of a parent or a friend.

            With Lent approaching, Sarah Adams in our “In Tune with the Liturgy” section, explores the history and significance of ashes. Carl Frampton, champion boxer, describes how he and his wife Christine, were floored by meeting poverty and hunger in Kenya, but also uplifted by Trócaire’s response to it. Fr George Wadding continues his series on praying with the Rosary, and Gillian Kingston introduces us to John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, in our on-going series on figures of the Reformed tradition to celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation. And all the usual favourites are there – Reality Bites, Pope Monitor, God’s Word this month and Catherine Green puts some interesting Lenten reading “Under the Microscope.”

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