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A Faith For Life
A Faith for Life provides a clear and simple outline of the basics of our faith.  Written by Redemptorist Fr George Wadding, an experienced missioner and retreat-giver, A Faith for Life provides a modern, easily assimilated presentation of Catholic teaching for today’s world. Useful for RCIA, sacramental preparation, schools and individual faith development.
Unity Pilgrim The Life of Fr Gerry Reynolds CSsR
When Limerick-born Redemptorist priest Fr Gerry Reynolds first arrived in Belfast in August 1983, it was to a city starkly divided by conflict and violence. His instinct to reach out to those who were suffering, on both sides of the community, would develop into a lifelong devotion to the cause of peace and Christian unity. Through the friendships of the Cornerstone Community and the Clonard-Fitzroy Fellowship, his involvement in .
Conscience Writings from “Moral Theology” by St Alphonsus
The human conscience was of lifelong interest to St Alphonsus, who conveys his thoughts on the subject in the first treatise of his Theologia Moralis.  Alphonsus outlines steps in reaching moral decisions using principles that guarantee the dignity of a personal conscience. In this first English translation of the 1905 Latin version featuring comments by Alphonsian scholar Leonard Gaude, moral theologian Raphael Gallagher CSsR, has produced a faithful, pastoral .
St Peregrine charm
Born in the 13th century, Peregrine grew up in a very political and anti-pope family. Once, he even heckled and struck a priest who was speaking in defense of the Church. The priest forgave him and Peregrine was changed forever. He turned to a life of great charity and penance. As penance, Peregrine would often stand instead of sitting. This caused medical issues with his leg which eventually led .
Let’s Celebrate A Baptism
The birth of a baby is a key moment for parents to reflect upon their role, the significance of their faith and the kind of family life and culture that they wish to provide for their child. Let’s Celebrate a Baptism complements formal baptism preparation programmes. It includes an outline of the sacrament and its place in Christian initiation, along with an up-to-the-minute Question & Answer section, and ideas .