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Introducing Reality September 2017


There is a new logo on the cover of Reality this month: “Reality Magazine Supporting World Meeting of Families.” We are working closely with the coordinating committee for that great event and we will have at least one feature article on an aspect of family in every issue between now and the July-August number. We launch the series this month with an article by Fr Raphael Gallagher on the Sacrament of Marriage. Raphael raises that very fundamental question: “What do we mean when we call marriage a sacrament?” and points out how claiming that our Catholic marriages are sacramental makes them different from any other marriages.

September is “back to school time.” Many Catholic schools now have a school chaplain. Since most of them are lay people and  do not perform the usual sacramental ministry, what do they do? Áine Feeley, chaplain of Moate Community School, explains how they are a link between school, home and community. A young Filipina woman, who has just completed her schooling in Belfast, talks about her involvement with homeless people: social awareness is an essential part of Catholic education. Gerard Gallagher describes how youth ministry is about fostering the sense of a young church among the millennial generation.

Salvador Ryan puts human faces on those mysterious figures, “the Renaissance Popes.” Alessandro Farnese, Paul III, was no angel in his early life, nor blameless as Pope (he made his grandsons cardinals at the ripe old age of fourteen and sixteen respectively!), but he turned out to be the great reforming Pope who met the tide of the Reformation head on.

The great Maeve Binchy was once an associate editor of Reality. Her article on the problem of finding a mate in 1960s Ireland is taken from the archives to commemorate our 80th anniversary. And there is more besides all that.

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